We are a premium small-batch Bean-to-bar chocolate maker based in Bali.

Who Are We?

We are a small-batch bean-to-bar chocolate maker based in Bali, Indonesia. Our beans are single origin which come from growers who practice sustainable agriculture on our beloved small island Bali-Indonesia. We travel around the island from estate to estate, handselecting the most ripe and perfectly fermented beans available to craft into delicious chocolate with a distinctively unique flavour

Our Signature Flavour

At HAS Chocolate, we are devoted to producing quality chocolate from scratch while preserving the true character of our beans. The uniqueness of our flavour comes from a combination of geological location and all-natural processes.
Balinese topography brings out a certain level of sweetness from our beans. Since we are located close to the equator with a high rain volume, we naturally have sweeter beans. Even Balinese dark chocolate delivers richer and fruitier flavour profiles.

To highlight this characteristic, our beans undergo a 4-7 day fermentation process. After this, we lightly roast our beans to preserve their delicate flavour balance. By keeping our production in small batches, we ensure a consistent quality in everything we make.

Unique chocolates are crafted by people who are passionate about their work.

Growing cacao and the fermentation process is not a simple task. We admire the hard work, and dedication cacao farmers have for their craft.

At HAS chocolate, we work with cacao farmers to protect cacao trees. By placing a bundle of brown sugar filled coconut leaves inside the cocoa tree, we attract colonies of ants to nest on the coconut leaves. These ants will later serve as a protector of the cacao by guarding the tree from unwanted pest infestations that can disturb cacao production. In this way, we help foster the bond between Mother Nature, cacao farmers, and sustainable organic agriculture.

Cacao trees have been proven to grow in the shade of other trees. Research has proven that when other plants and trees mix with cacao trees, they can influence the cacao flavour. We love working with cacao growers who keep a diverse plantation. Sometimes you can find cacao trees mixed with mango, banana and papaya. Ultimately this is good for biodiversity. This phenomena also helps to create stable harvests for the farmers and great cacao flavours for us. It’s a win-win!

We believe that working closely with cacao growers can help to craft unique chocolate made from cacao grown by people who are truly passionate about what they do. For this reason, we purchase our beans above the fair trade price. In return for paying a premium, we are guaranteed great cacao beans from diverse origins.