Our Story

HAS Small-Batch Chocolate

HAS also known as Heart And Soul Chocolate produces high-quality chocolate from Indonesia.
We only purchase our beans from selected farms which practice a commitment to permaculture.

At HAS, we believe in supporting farming methods that only work with nature rather than against it. When it comes to permaculture, we strive to promote non-homogenous plantations. Particularly farmers who grow other fruit trees around their cacao. This practice has been proven to give the cacao amazing fruity flavours. In this way we are helping to build a sustainable future for cacao, the farmers and mother nature. Our chocolate consists of two cacao types. The majority of our beans are Forastero combined with a smaller amount of Criollo beans.

Our farms always use organic farming methods with a zero tolerance for pesticide use. In every cacao tree there are bundles of palm leaves combined with a naturally sweet substance like honey or brown sugar. Ants will colonize these bundles of leaves, and serve as a natural replacement for pesticides. By shaking these palm leaf bundles, the ants will come out of their nests and eat all the fungus growing outside the cacao pod. No synthetic Pesticides necessary!

We make our chocolate right in the heart of Indonesia. This ensures the freshness of our chocolate and keeps the nutrients and antioxidants preserved within each bar of HAS chocolate.

After we deshell our cacao beans, the husk will be sent back to the farmers and is used as compost. We call this process from cacao for cacao.

HAS Chocolate has a variety of different chocolates and other cacao related products.

It all starts from hand-selecting great beans from the farm and carefully processing the raw materials into our finished products.

Our Mission Statement

We are small-batch Bean-to-bar chocolate maker based in Bali. We craft chocolate from hand selected beans and other ethically sourced ingredients. With our love for chocolate, social and environmental responsibilities, we purchase our beans far above fair trade price to support the farmers and keep the biodiversity of nature. We provide an unparalleled selection of chocolate that will satisfy every palette, from unique, infused chocolate to traditional white, milky, and dark varietals and more.